The esthetics program is based on 800 hours of in-class education which is covered in approximately 20-22 weeks depending on attendance records of the student.

The esthetics program is continuous and has no breaks from the start of the program, but does not include regular holidays. The holiday schedule will be notified in advance.
The following is the course outline for the esthetics program :

  • Sterilization and sanitation practices as well as product knowledge.
  • Proper methods for facials, manicures, waxing, make-up (permanent and topical), pedicures, brow and lash treatments.
  • The appropriate application of cleaners, toners, moisturizers, peelings and masks.
  • Wax treatments for hand, fee and body.
  • Understanding the aging process of hair and skin, cosmetic surgery and various disorders of the skin.
  • The chemistry of cosmetics as well as basic chemistry and physics.
  • An introduction to the various types of cosmetics as well as emulsions and the creation of them.
  • Massage techniques.
  • Introduction to human anatomy including cell structure as well as the studying of the various body systems including nervous, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, etc.
  • The skin and its various functions.
  • Basic nutrition and dietary requirements.
  • Introduction to electro-therapy services and how it works in the field of esthetics.
  • Introduction and applicational knowledge of esthetics appliances and machines and their operation.

Students will be introduced to and gain knowledge in the use of steamers, lucca and therapies utilizing high frequency, infrared, ultraviolet and galvanic machines.

  • Cellulite treatments.
  • Holistic beauty therapies and the creation of holistic beauty treatments and their uses.
  • Aromatherapies and their applications.
  • Introduction to body wraps using various herbs and salts.
  • Make-up and color coordination and the use of color psychology.
  • Introduction to business practices, management and principals to running a successful esthetics salon.
  • Understanding Aryuveda and how to improve client’s dosha by your esthetic services.

There is also a package of kits for the esthetics program.

The following is the book list, which must be purchased prior to the commencement of the program :

  • Milady’s state exam book for estheticians
  • Milady’s standard text book for professional estheticians
  • Milady’s work book for professional estheticians
  • Milady’s “The Art and Science of Nail Techonology” (Optional)
  • Milady’s nail technician workbook (Optional)